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Transparency & Accountability in Government

GlobalJax is honored to be working with international leaders from 18 nations around the globe* on a project to explore the role of citizens, traditional and new media, academia, and civil society in fostering transparency and accountability in government. The leaders will be meeting with the Director Council Secretary of the Jacksonville City Council in order to explore mechanisms that maintain a culture of transparency in city government. Further assessment of transparency will include a meeting with the Jacksonville Ethics Office in order to analyze the direct effect of citizen activism supported by media coverage on the creation of an independent ethics office. They will continue discussing the best practices of maintaining an ethical and accountable city government by speaking with the Duval County Supervisor of Elections. These international leaders will even have the opportunity to cast mock ballots and have hands-on experience with voting materials.

Media ethics and government transparency are a global wide issue. Projects like this one are a catalyst for conversation between leaders of different societies and national backgrounds to learn best practices from their US counterparts and share ideas to enhance their efforts and raise awareness of persistent issues confronting their own citizens.

While You are Here...

The work we do has never been more important — whether it’s because of ongoing conflict or news that tells just part of the story - now more than ever, we need connection, conversation, and global perspective. Click here to learn more or to support GlobalJax's efforts to create a more globally connected, informed and vibrant region.

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