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See your exchange ideas come to life


Do you need to find solutions to challenges your organization, sector or city is facing? Do you want to build international partnerships? Or are you looking for the transformational experience of a lifetime?


You might be interested in a customized program with GlobalJax if you represent:

A business or organization planning to expand abroad

A university looking to make international program offerings more enriching and attractive

A city government looking to expand international connections

A leadership or fellowship program

A HR Manager who needs to boost team spirit or develop new professional skills among employees

A researcher or organization looking for international partners

An organization, sector or government agency looking for new solutions to challenges you are facing




With over 25 years of experience designing exchanges in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, USAID and Library of Congress, GlobalJax is the perfect resource for helping you design your next exchange with multicultural clients, students or colleagues. What if 97% of your international clients loved their visit so much, they promised to return? Ours do.



You tell us your objectives and the type of experiences you would like to have, and we work with you to put it together. GlobalJax has the expertise plus the regional and national network to create transformational excursions for any number of visitors, any length of stay and any number of site visits, including cross-country itineraries. You can be as hands-on or hands-off in the design as you wish.



For more information contact Executive Director, Andrea Hartley.

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