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Colombia - Export Logistics and Rural Economic Development

October 10-15, 2019

We are honored and excited to welcome a delegation of leaders in economic development from Colombia. While in Northeast Florida, the group will meet with their counterparts to share best practices, learn new ideas, and build relationships with JAXPORT, freight forwarders, coffee importers and roasters, Enterprise Florida, the US Commercial Service, the UNF Small Business Development Center, and local leaders in rural economic development at the Florida Department of Transportation and The Putnam County Chamber of Commerce.

For the past two decades, the United States has worked with the Colombian government on economic development initiatives in rural areas to increase stability and reduce the reliance on illicit markets for opportunities. According to McKinsey & Company, “Colombia’s great challenge is that it has not found its growth model. The country has been growing with an economic model that generates growth, but not well-being. It is not an inclusive model.” For stability and inclusion in the rural regions, development and expansion of transportation options are a cornerstone of future success.

Post-FARC, other militant groups have stepped in to fill the power vacuum that has been left. To create a brighter future, an influx of innovation, education opportunities, and pathways to participating in the formal economy in ways that provide economic inclusiveness and financial stability are essential.

This project reinforces the strong relationship between the United States and Colombia and seeks to build bridges between Northeast Florida and leaders in rural economic development and logistics infrastructure development and to build a more peaceful, prosperous, and equitable future.


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