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Peru: Higher Education Regulations and Exchanges

GlobalJax is working with a 12 leaders in Peruvian Higher Education to improve and higher education standards and regulations and to increase exchanges between Universities across Peru and North Florida. The project will provide incites into U.S. regional accreditation standards, as well as opportunities to expand their professional networks and share best practices in creating transformational learning opportunities.

While in Jacksonville, the delegation will visit different types of higher education institutions in the Northeast Florida region. The University of North Florida (UNF) will a give the leaders a campus tour, hold a Study Abroad discussion, and offer an opportunity to meet with the faculty and staff in the International Studies Department, Coggin College of Business, Department of Political Science and Public Affairs, Department of Health Administration and international students who are taking part in exchanges. They will also have a chance to visit Office of the Provost at Florida State University (FSU), and the Provost at Florida A&M University. While at FSU, participants will take part in a discussion with school officials about the U.S. accreditation process.

The goal of this project is to encourage structural changes to enhance the quality of education in Peru and to increase the number of Peruvian students studying in the United States.

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