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Ukraine Healthcare Management in the US

GlobalJax is hosting a delegation from Ukraine to learn about healthcare management in the United States. To gain insight on the quality of the US healthcare system and the role of private health insurance providers, visitors will meet with Florida Blue representatives for an overview of the healthcare system administration in the U.S., and to learn how both public and private health policies are implemented. The delegation will also meet representatives from the Duval County Health Department, who will provide information on the public health system and how effective it is at combating health challenges. Based on a 2018-2019 report, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville is ranked number one in the nation. The group will have a chance to tour the hospital and research centers devoted to neurological diseases and cancer. They will be provided with more insight on non-communicable diseases and clinical trials at the Baptist Health Research Center, where the delegation will meet the staff to discuss clinical trials and current evidence-based treatments and preventative therapies.

In the past, Ukraine has dealt with numerous health issues, ranging from declining youth vaccinations to declining life expectancy. Now more than ever, it is critical for the country to implement healthcare reforms that will increase the quality and effectiveness of both public and private insurance providers. With an understanding of healthcare practices and management within the United States, officials will be able to move forward in bettering Ukraine’s healthcare systems.


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