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Multi-Regional Project: Global Health Security

GlobalJax recently hosted a delegation of leading epidemiologists and healthcare administrators from Burkina Faso, Fiji, Montenegro, Nigeria, Taiwan, and Vietnam. While in Jacksonville, these leaders promoted international cooperation to prevent, treat, and manage infectious disease outbreaks, they discussed ways to enhance public outreach and awareness campaigns, and expanded their networks with their counterparts in Northeast Florida.

Our esteemed participants met with leading scientists at the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence for an overview of their laboratory program and to discuss how the US Navy is working with scientists and healthcare professionals around the world to improve global health outcomes and reduce the risk of serious outbreaks. They met with leaders at the Florida Department of Health-Duval County to learn about their programs that monitor infectious diseases and provide health services for members of the Jacksonville community. In meetings with their counterparts at the University of Florida's Emerging Pathogens Institute, the group learned about various vector studies as well as synergies between the university and departments of health. Finally, at USDA Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology, the group examined their efforts in vector and disease control, arboviral studies, and their uses of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing to maintain surveillance and mapping of infectious diseases. Over the weekend, the delegation took in some American culture at the Boney James concert in downtown Jacksonville, Springing the Blues Festival in Jacksonville Beach, and a visit to St. Augustine's Historic District. This program supports the Department of State’s objective to promote U.S. national security by developing coordinated strategies and approaches to counter violent extremism abroad.

According to research at the World Health Organization, the need for public education and outreach efforts has never been more important. Helping communities overcome hesitancy to receive life saving vaccinations in critical areas of the world has become harder due to misinformation, thus increasing the risk of outbreaks. The flu is expected to have a devastating affect on the global population and the rise of diseases such as tuberculosis highlights the need for greater cooperation to tackle serious health security risks. Expanding access to basic healthcare needs for populations is only possible through greater international cooperation to prevent, track, and treat infectious disease - making this project and support for projects like it more important than ever.

While You are Here... 

The work we do has never been more important — whether it’s because of ongoing conflict or news that tells just part of the story - now more than ever, we need connection, conversation, and global perspective. Click here to learn more or to support GlobalJax's efforts to create a more globally connected, informed and vibrant region.

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