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GlobalJax to host Malaysian Judges to Learn about the U.S. Judicial System and Rule of Law

GlobalJax is hosting a delegation from Malaysia to explore the Judiciary's role in preserving democratic and transparent practices. Participants will learn techniques and measures the Judicial System uses to protect victims of criminal activity and prevent future crime. While in Jacksonville, the delegation will learn and share best practices with their counterparts at the States Attorneys Office, Duval County Circuit Courts, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, and local educators and pro bono legal services providers. Delegates will observe proceedings at the Duval County Courthouse, and discuss the transparency of media in the courtroom. The program will examine collaboration between the Judicial System and law enforcement agencies, and the delegates will expand their network with legal experts in Jacksonville area.

Malaysia maintains a Judicial system that is heavily influenced by British common law and Islamic Law. Its courts recognize both Federal and State laws and is divided into the Magistrates' Court, Sessions Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, and the Federal Court. In recent years, reform proposals have requested that the Judicial system gain more independence from the Malaysian government. The U.S model of federalism will serve as an example of and independent Judicial System operates with relative autonomy as Malaysian officials continue these discussions.


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