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Emerging Leaders from South and Central Asia learn about Government Transparency and Accountability

GlobalJax is hosting a delegation of officials from South and Central Asia to learn strategies and standards for improving accountability and transparency in government. Delegates will also gain insights about effective principles of ethical systems for accountability and transparency in government and business in the U.S. Delegates will meet with local organizations such as City of Jacksonville’s Office of the Inspector General and Office of Public Accountability to discuss combating corruption at the city level, and the Office of Ethics to learn about ethics training for city officials and the role it plays in ensuring transparency and accountability. The project will also examine the role of citizens, media, academia, and civil society in fostering transparency and accountability in government. This program supports the Department of State’s objective to build the foundations of democracy by supporting responsive and transparent government institutions.

South and Central Asia is home to some of the world's most dangerous threats - weapons of mass destruction, violent extremism, terrorism, and narcotics. Across the region, democracy is fragile and government stability is challenged by overwhelming levels of corruption, human rights abuses, conflict, and public restlessness. The region remains a key front in the continuing war against terrorism. The aims of the U.S. Department of State in the region are to secure peace, advance development, strengthen democracy, and build stable, long-term relationships.

With nearly a quarter of the world's population, the South and Central Asia region has the potential to serve as a democratic and economically vibrant force and a positive influence on neighboring regions.

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The work we do has never been more important — whether it’s because of ongoing conflict or news that tells just part of the story - now more than ever, we need connection, conversation, and global perspective. Click here to learn more or to support GlobalJax's efforts to create a more globally connected, informed and vibrant region.

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