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Western Hemisphere: Ending Gender-Based Violence

GlobalJax is hosting a delegation from across Latin America to explore strategies to combat gender-based violence. Participant will learn techniques to identify forms of abuse, the key role men in the Jacksonville community play in reducing gender-based violence, and discuss how social outreach and creative uses of new media can serve as tools for combating violence. Delegates will interact with Senator Aaron Bean, Circuit Court Judge Ed Roberson, and Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, to discuss effective ways government officials and law enforcement collaborate to protect women and children and educate victims about their rights. They will also meet with the Quigley House, Women’s Center of Jacksonville, and Rethreaded to discuss their intervention services, community awareness and education campaigns for gender-based violence. The project will examine civil society efforts to support victims of gender-based violence, as well as legal efforts to prosecute perpetrators. The delegation will bring these best practices about gender-based violence issues to their home countries.

Latin America’s rates for gender-based violence are among the highest in the world because of the high tolerance towards abuse. This violence has led to injuries, the development of chronic conditions, psychological distress, and death. In some countries of the region, the domestic violence rates are as high as 50%. Currently, women and men are protesting against gender-based killings using #NiUnaMas on their social media channels, meaning “not one more” woman shall be killed. In addition to negative health effects, statistically victims of gender-based violence earn less than those who have not dealt with abuse. Gender-based violence comes with negative social and economic effects. This delegation will be taking steps to address this problem in Latin America.


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