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Canada: Emerging Political and Economic Leaders in North America

GlobalJax is hosting a delegation of elected political and economic officials from Canada to explore the multiple issues that Canada and the United States face that resonate in each country’s society. The program will highlight shared commonalities and differing viewpoints in political and economic areas between the two nations. Delegates will meet with local organizations such as Enterprise Florida Inc., JAX Chamber, and JAXPORT to discuss economic development and improving international trade. Delegates will also gain insights about effective joint response to countering violent extremism and enhancing border security in their meetings with Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security, and FBI. The delegation will bring these, and more, trainings back to Canada in time for the Canadian federal elections in fall 2019.

The Canada-United States partnership is forged by shared environment, common defense interests, and multi-layered economic ties. The US is Canada’s most important ally and defense partner, prompting our governments to work together on defense measures to enhance border security by cooperating to address threats early, facilitate trade, economic growth and jobs, and through integration of cross-border law enforcement. Canada and the US also work to protect their shared environment and address environmental challenges, such as climatic changes, energy requirements, and air quality. Canada and the US also enjoy the largest trading relationship in the world, with close to 400,000 people crossing our shared border each day. A secure and efficient flow of goods and people across the border is vital to both countries’ economic competitiveness and prosperity. When Canada and the US work together, they enhance their security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods and services.

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