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Delegation from 17 Countries Explores Best Practices in Water Resource Management with Jacksonville

GlobalJax hosted a delegation from 17 different countries from diverse climates to discuss regional strategies for addressing water supply and environmental impact. The program highlighted ways the U.S. manages freshwater supplies for agriculture, energy production, and domestic and industrial uses. In Northeast Florida, the group also shared best practices on balancing consumption needs with environmental conservation efforts. Participants met with various organizations such as the FL Department of Environmental Protection, St. Johns Riverkeeper, and JEA and explored efforts to protect the environment, enforce the city’s environmental laws, assess water management system, and engage in educational outreach for water resource and environmental conservation.

Water Resource Management is the process of planning, developing, and managing water resources, in terms of both water quantity and quality, across all water uses. Currently, many countries are facing a water scarcity, which is affecting 40% of of people across the world. The global population is rapidly growing, but by 2025, 66% of the global population will be living under water-stressed conditions and by 2030, water supply will decrease by 40%, as estimated by the World Bank. Climatic changes further increase the scarcity on water resources as it affects the quantity and quality of water. Water scarcity will have widespread negative effects such as an increase in diseases, limitations on economic growth and food production, and a growing threat to stability and security all around the world. This delegation will be taking the strategies discussed to ensure sustainability of water use, build climate resilience, and strengthen water resource management back to their respective countries.

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