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Afghanistan: Veterinary Science Experts in High Profile US-China Livestock Management Training Progr

As part of the Afghan Trilateral Training Program, a U.S. –China Training Program for Afghan Cooperation and Reconstruction, GlobalJax hosted a delegation from Afghanistan to learn and share best practices for livestock management, public health risk mitigation, and agricultural sector development. The delegation met with various resources including the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Farm Bureau, and University of Florida to be trained in veterinary science, water management and conservation, disease management strategies, government’s role in safeguarding the industry, and livestock management for improved value-added production and job creation in rural Afghanistan. This annual program has become a prominent symbol of U.S.-China cooperation in developing Afghanistan.

Agriculture is the foundation of Afghanistan’s economy. For 49% of households, agriculture is a source of income, and it is the main sector for employment with 40% of the labor force engaged in agriculture. Irrigated land provides an important resource for 38% of households in the country, while 17% own rain-fed land. Productivity of farmland is often low, as indicated by the large shares of land left uncultivated, mainly due to lack of water, and because of soil infertility. Currently, many herds are recovering from recent losses due to animal diseases and droughts in spite of structural problems, overgrazing, encroachment of pastures by rain-fed agriculture, insecurity and loss of grazing rights. This delegation will take steps to apply the trainings for agricultural sector development in Afghanistan.

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