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Brazil: Innovation in Security and Law Enforcement

GlobalJax is hosting a delegation from Brazil to learn more about innovation in security and law enforcement. Delegates will gain insight in law enforcement training and professional development, and how to counter threats, increase cooperation between government and the private sector, and combat transnational crime.

While in Jacksonville, participants will spend time at the Duval County Pre-Trial Detention Center, where visitors will see some of the processes first-hand regarding detention before trial, and understand how law enforcement and the judiciary work together. The delegation will also visit the Jacksonville District Office of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA); the meeting will focus on efforts to combat the transnational crime of drug trafficking. Participants will meet with instructors and trainers at the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM), who will provide knowledge on how to build and execute various curricula for training law enforcement officers. Representatives from the FBI, Jacksonville Division, will discuss the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the dedicated foreign counterintelligence squad, interagency coordination, and information sharing with the delegation. Participants will meet with representatives from EVAC Movement, where they will earn more about efforts in the area of juvenile justice/crime. Finally, in a meeting with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, visitors will discuss this police department’s strategic plan for addressing crime in the largest city in the state of Florida.

In recent years, events such as deadly prison riots, police strikes, and robberies due to gang violence have emphasized Brazil’s need for increased and more efficient security. Governments in Brazil have begun to implement programs that will potentially reduce violence through strategic planning and innovation. Their goal is to decrease juvenile crime, gang and drug violence, and threats in high-crime areas. With an understanding of how the U.S. law enforcement runs and what works to improve security within the nation, officials in Brazil will be able to continue to move forward in decreasing crime and making law enforcement and security more efficient.

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