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GlobalJax Welcomes Local Legislators from Russia to Jacksonville

GlobalJax is hosting a delegation of legislators from Russia to examine local government and the legislative process in Jacksonville. Prior to their arrival in Jacksonville, delegates will meet with Congressman Rutherford (FL-DISTRICT 4) and Senator Marco Rubio's Foreign Affairs staff on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. In Jacksonville, the group will meet with City Council members to discuss key issues affecting the city, best practices in engaging with their respective districts, and the local legislative process. The trip will also include visits with legislators in Atlantic Beach and the City Manager of Neptune Beach to provide opportunities to learn about other forms of local government. In addition to local legislators, the delegates will meet with the City of Jacksonville Office of Ethics Compliance and Oversight, the City of Jacksonville Inspector General, and the City of Jacksonville Budget Division. A key theme of the projects will be how Florida Open Records Laws influence local government practices and enhance government responsiveness to citizens' needs. Finally, our group will meet with JAX Chamber Alliance to learn best practices in engaging with the business community to draft business-friendly policies that help create local jobs and grow the local economy.

The delegation will stay in the homes of local residents and experience how everyday Americans live, work, and play. To find out how you can become a homestay host, email us at

Under the Russian Constitution, the federal government retains substantial authority, but regional and municipal governments have a range of powers such as authority over municipal property and regulation, and imposing regional taxes. However, local governments normally have insufficient tax revenue to fund mandatory items in their budgets. Though the 1993 Constitution guaranteed local self-governance, the powers of local governments vary considerably.

In recent years, corruption has played a considerable role in Russia’s stability. Corruption increases economic inefficiencies, distorts the political system, and decreases state legitimacy. Both Presidents Putin and Medvedev have tightened legislation and made speeches against corruption. Corruption damages the legitimacy of the Russian state, which will reduce the public’s trust in government institutions, deepen political apathy, and undermine future efforts at reform. Additionally, corruption imposes significant damage on the Russian economy, Russian business suffers from extortion, and firms invest less as a result. Any reform requires critical effort toward identifying and engaging with the corruption problem.

Sources: Britannica, FPRI

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