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Brazil: Women in Leadership Overcoming Barriers and Bias

Participants will learn about how U.S. businesses and organizations are working to empower women and promote equality, along with the impact of women’s participation in politics and public policy. Currently, Brazil is trying to empower more women to take on leadership positions in business and politics, support women entrepreneurs to increase participation in the labor market, and increase women’s participation in civil society.

While in Jacksonville, this delegation will have the opportunity to meet with women leaders such as Jacksonville City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche. Participants will be able to discuss President Brosche’s political and business career, in addition to her work empowering young women at the university level. The delegation will also meet with representatives from gubernatorial candidate Gwen Grahams campaign office, the Dolores Barr Weaver Policy Center, and the local grassroots organization Nine in 15, to learn more about women in leadership.

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