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Northeast Florida Resources: Gender Based Violence

The city of Jacksonville was an early leader in combating gender based violence. As the movement gained national momentum Duval County was one of the first to respond. In 1976, the Hubbard House was founded as the first shelter in Florida specifically for victims of domestic abuse.

Progress continued and in the 1980's Jacksonville inaugurated the Domestic Violence Intervention Project. This project combined efforts between the State Attorney’s Office, the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Clerk of Courts, Hubbard House, the Salvation Army, and the U.S. Navy in combating domestic violence and protecting victims of such abuses.

The establishment of the Center for Prevention of Domestic Abuse, in the 1990's, marked Jacksonville as a leader in reforming the Justice system to better respond to domestic violence in the community. Additional community programs, such as InVEST (The Intimate Violence Enhanced Services Team), work intensively with families who face the greatest risk of injury or death from domestic abuse.

Jacksonville was marked as a leader in combating gender based violence in 2004 when Duval County was selected by the Department of Justice to be one of two demonstration projects that coordinated domestic violence services between the military and civilian groups.

The city of Jacksonville has an incredible amount of resources in regards to services for victims of gender based violence and combating these abuses. The city focuses heavily on law enforcement training, victim safety and support, and holding perpetrators accountable through the criminal justice system.

GlobalJax has been able to take advantage of these resources and share local practices and ideas with international leaders from around the world. In fact, we will have several groups coming this year to learn how Northeast Florida fights domestic abuse and gender based violence.

We will have a project from South Korea on increasing prosecution rates of domestic violence cases coming up at the end of February. We will also have a multi-regional project on the U.S. Justice System and how it works to protect women and children shortly afterwards. We have held numerous projects on gender based violence over the years and look forward to continuing to share and gain knowledge on this issue.

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