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Protecting Women and Children - A Multi-Regional Project

March 31- April 5, 2018

About the delegation:

From the end of March to the beginning of April a delegation of leaders from around the world will be visiting Northeast Florida to learn how the U.S. justice system protects women and children through a professional program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. After first visiting Washington, D.C. twenty-seven participants will meet with non-profit organizations and members of the legal community in the Jacksonville area. They will explore issues ranging from eradicating domestic violence to advocating for children's rights and empowering women at home and around the world.

Jacksonville was one of the early leaders in the women’s movement and in developing services to combat gender based violence. While in our area the participants will tour the Hubbard House, the only certified domestic violence center in Duval and Baker counties. They will be able to volunteer at the Hubbard House thrift store and discuss how the city, government, and local law enforcement interact with the center.

Additionally, the delegation will be able to meet with the Victim Services Coordinator for the City of Jacksonville. The discussion will center on training that all Jacksonville Sheriff Officer Employees receive in regards to victim and witness rights as well as giving short term emotional and referral support to victims of crimes. The participants will have the opportunity gather and informally discuss the knowledge they have gained during intragroup sharing sessions. They will also be able to share best practices from their own countries with Jacksonville leaders and each other.

To end their stay in Northeast Florida, the group will head to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid for a joint meeting between JALA and the Florida Coastal School of Law Family Law Clinic. Here they will explore pro bono family law services in Jacksonville. Finally, the participants will visit the Center for Children’s Rights, a non-profit that works to ensure children have legal representation and access to education, health care, leisure, and other aspects necessary to a child’s well-being.

After Northeast Florida, the participants will split up and continue their program in Nebraska, Texas, Nevada, and Montana.

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