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Developing Best Practices for Secure Insect Research Facilities: An On Demand Project for Portugal

October 1-4, 2017

About the Delegation:

In October 2017, a delegation from Portugal representing the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at Nova University Lisbon are visiting Jacksonville, FL for a professional study tour to explore laboratories in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas. While in Jacksonville, the Portuguese delegation’s objective is to gain insight and build a network with U.S. experts as the participants build a high‑security live insectary that will allow IMHT‑Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to expand research and collaboration into areas relevant to vector‑borne human diseases (malaria, Dengue Virus, Zika, and others). The participants will learn about secure insect research facilities. Which will expose the participants to U.S. institutions, where guidelines, regulations and procedures on building such a high‑security structure are well‑established. Examine the legal aspects of rearing vectors of diseases, imported arthropods, genetically transformed insects, security, transport of biological materials and to discuss research and breading of vectors from malaria, arbovirosis (Dengue, Zika, ChiKungunya)

The tour designed to provide exposure to some of the practical elements of developing the best practices for secure insect research facilities found in the U.S. As part of their study tour, the Portuguese representatives will visit the entomology centers, medical research centers, agricultural research facilities, pathogen institutions, and community-based resources. They will visit the research institutions in Jacksonville and northeast Florida to learn about the U.S. practices and operations within the secured insect research facilities. The groups post objectives are to promote future scientific collaboration between European and U.S. institutions that could have long-term enhanced commercialization impacts if U.S. standards are adopted.

Following their study tour in Jacksonville, the group will travel to Atlanta, Ga to continue their study of secured insect facilities, which will supplement the experiences and exposure gained site visits and meetings in northeast Florida.

This Program was Sponsored by: The U.S. Department of State, the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, and IVLP On Demand Division, Africa, Europe Branch

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