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Police Professionalization: A Project for Mexico

March 19 -22, 2017

About the Delegation

In March 2017, ten police chiefs and/or their deputies will be traveling to Jacksonville, FL for a professional study tour to learn more about Community oriented policing efforts in the Jacksonville area. While in Jacksonville, the participants will also explore how collaborative community relationships are developed, gain insights into mental health awareness efforts, discuss the importance of respect for marginalized communities, and learn about the partnerships that have been developed between social services agencies and law enforcement.

The tour designed to provide exposure to some of the practical elements of the U.S. law enforcement system, including local, state and national law enforcement agencies, collaborative efforts and task-forces, and case studies. As part of their study tour, officers will visit police departments, community policing resources, anti-gang organizations, prison outreach programs, and other law enforcement and community-based resources. They will visit community organizations to learn about partnerships between local organizations and law enforcement in a variety of areas and discuss crime trends in Jacksonville and northeast Florida at research institutions. In addition, the participants will visit jails or correctional facilities and gain insights into technologies and techniques being used in crime labs in Jacksonville and throughout the United States.

Following their study tour in Jacksonville, the officers will travel to Washington D.C. for a law enforcement summit, which will supplement the experiences and exposure gained site visits and meetings in northeast Florida. Participants for the Jacksonville study tour will meet with participants who participated in a similar study tour in Little Rock, AR to share and reflect on their respective experiences. The summit will also provide substantive, organized and facilitated opportunities for inter-group dialogue, reflection, and discussions with law enforcement officials based in the Washington D.C. area.

Local Program Sponsored by SOHO Network Solutions, Inc.

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