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Improving Accountability in Government and Business: A Project for Indonesia

February 12 - 18, 2015

About Indonesia

Indonesia is making strides to increase the transparency in their country to promote a more accountable justice system. The supreme court has implemented new systems to improve public access to information in order to gain trust. Indonesia is also focusing on maximizing the transparency and accountability in businesses, specifically the mining and oil industries, which contributes to economic development and decrease of corruption [1]. To increase transparency in government spending, a new information system for public financial management, SPAN, was launched in 2015 [2]. The government wants to ensure that they are managing their resources for the benefit of the public which they hope will attract new investments to the country. However, the government still has room to implement better accountability methods, as well as in businesses, to improve the corruption crisis[1].

About the Program

The IVLP is a professional exchange program that seeks to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations through carefully designed short-term visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders. Over the last 70 years, the IVLP has developed into the premier professional exchange program in the U.S. and brings over 200 emerging leaders to Jacksonville every year.



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