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Member of Parliament, James Heappey

GlobalJax was delighted to welcome James Heappey (left) to Jacksonville for our London Networking Night in June 2015. Mr. Heappey is a member of the British Conservative Party and has been a Member of Parliament (MP) since May 2015. Before he began his career in politics, James served as a Major in the British Army, operating in locations such as Kabul, Basra, and Sangin.

In Parliament, Mr. Heappey has voted in the same way as the vast majority of other Conservative MP’s[1]. He tends to be in favor of reduced taxation, empowered local governments, and a stronger military. He consistently voted on an EU membership referendum, and campaigned to remain. Outside of Parliament, his other campaigns include local infrastructure development, energy and environment preservation, and equal opportunity education.

At GlobalJax, Mr. Heappey spoke about the importance the ground-level diplomacy which he certainly maintains as a theme in his own career. He holds regular drop-in sessions to listen to his constituents and even advertises the options of Skype calls and home visits on his website[2]. Heappey continued in his speech to stress the importance of a strong relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom. He noted that international cooperation was the key to each nation’s success in the future, and looks forward to continued partnership.

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