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Transparency and Accountability in Government: A Regional Project for the Western Hemisphere

September 20-26, 2017

About the Delegation:

In September 2017, a large delegation representing different branches of government from countries throughout the Western Hemisphere will be traveling to Jacksonville, FL for a professional study tour to explore the role and structure of ethics in government that underlies transparency and accountability in the Jacksonville area. While in Jacksonville, they will examine similarities and differences in approaches of ethical conduct between government and the private sector, address international efforts to strengthen ethical leadership in governments and businesses worldwide and examine the effects of transparency on trade, and economic development.

The tour designed to provide exposure to some of the practical elements of government ethics and transparency, including local, state and national branches of ethics committees, as well as their respective oversight and compliance. As part of their study tour, the Western Hemisphere representatives will visit the ethics organizations, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Jacksonville’s City Council, media organizations, local finance departments, Jacksonville Sheriff’s office, and community-based resources. They will visit community organizations to learn about partnerships between local organizations and federal government transparency and accountability practices in a variety of areas in Jacksonville and northeast Florida at research institutions. In addition, the participants will visit local leaders to gain insights into technologies and techniques being used in government transparency and accountability in Jacksonville and throughout the United States.

Following their study tour in Jacksonville, the group will travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to continue their transparency and accountability education, which will supplement the experiences and exposure gained site visits and meetings in northeast Florida. The group will conclude their visit with a closing evaluation session administered by the U.S. Department of State and FHI 360.

This Program was Sponsored by: The U.S. Department of State, the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, and FHI 360

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