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International Potluck Themes Announced

January 11, 2018

Earlier this year we announced our New Year's Resolutions for 2018.

Included was an announcement that throughout 2018, GlobalJax Members and 904 Ambassadors will be invited to attend a monthly international potluck.

Attendees are asked to bring a $10 donation and a dish of cultural or personal significance to this monthly gathering designed so that GlobalJax members can stay connected, meet international leaders, make new friends, learn about other cultures and experience a culinary adventure! You never know what you're going to get to try or who you are going to meet but you do know you will leave encouraged and more knowledgeable about the world.

And so, without further delay, we proudly announce the #InternationalPotluckJax Themes for #2018!

January - International New Year Traditions

Traditions span the globe inviting luck and wealth for the New Year

February - Global Cold Weather Comfort

How do you keep warm? Chili, Stews, Soups?

March - International Pie Day

Because Math is International and pie can be sweet or hearty

April - International Spring Traditions

Marking the seasons is practiced widely around the world, how do you celebrate?

May - Global Noodle Dishes

Egg, Rice, Flour, Wheat and Vegetable - noodle dishes vary greatly from culture to culture.

June - International Rice Dishes

Every culture in the world has a traditional rice dish, we want to know your favorites!

July - Global Independence Day Traditions

There are many countries in the world that celebrate independence each year, not all in July, but we will talk about when and how each country's mark the occasion.

August - International Barbeque

Grilling is a common theme around the world, which are your favorites?

September - Global Birthday Traditions

Come celebrate GlobalJax's birthday and share your favorite birthday traditions from around the world.

October - International Vegetarian Dishes

In preparation of International Vegan Day and in recognition that much of the world does not regularly eat meat, we invite you to share your favorite vegetarian entrees from around the globe.

PS we hope someone brings falafel.

November - International Harvest Traditions

Celebrating the Harvest is a global tradition

December - Global Winter Holidays

The winter months bring a slew of global holidays to celebrate. We want to know what you're celebrating and when and how you mark the special occasion.

Make sure you don't miss the date and location updates - Renew your GlobalJax membership and check the Facebook page regularly!


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