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Promoting Human Rights in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Global Ties U.S. National Network recognized Hoshyar Malo, who first visited North Florida in the summer of 2015, as a finalist in the 2017 Alumni Award for Social Innovation and Change.

Hoshyar is the Director of Kurdish Human Rights Watch, an organization focusing on human rights training for police and security agencies, humanitarian assistance and advocacy for the rights of refugees and internal displaced persons, and small business support and development for these groups.

Hoshyar says, "My IVLP experience helped me gain more knowledge on best practices in the field of human rights, especially on how to involve government and society to consolidate human rights. After returning to Iraq, communicating with American NGOs, foundations and institutions gave me sustainable technical support and expertise to help me design, plan, and implement my projects."

While violence continues to ravage Iraqi Kurdistan, Hoshyar is working to provide his community with security and hope for a better future, a task worth celebrating and supporting and well deserving of this recognition from the Global Ties U.S. national network.

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