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Paraguay: Infrastructure Development and Delivery

GlobalJax is working with leaders in the Paraguayan Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Works and Communications on a project to increase transparency and accountability standards in their Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Government Procurement processes, as well as providing opportunities to network with local businesses specializing in wastewater facility construction and management. The leaders will meet with executives at Green Technologies, LLC. and Haskell to discuss their partnership to build sustainable wastewater treatment facilities. JEA will discuss their large scale infrastructure projects and the measure they have put into place to ensure greater transparency in RFP submission, selection and procurement processes. The cohort will also meet with the Jacksonville Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight, and the Director of Jacksonville City Council to discuss the steps taken to increase transparency and accountability in Government as well as best practices in training and instilling a culture of transparency among government employees.

The Paraguayan government have prioritized large scale infrastructure projects that include highway construction and water/wastewater treatment facilities. According the U.S. Embassy in Asuncion, Paraguay will be issuing RFP's open to international companies totaling nearly $5 billion USD over the next two years. Despite healthy growth (4.5% annually) between 2004-2017 and a 16% decrease in extreme poverty across the county over that same period,Paraguay is the least urbanized country in South America. While there have been rapid advancements in water quality, as recent as 2013, the capital city of Asuncion did not have a wastewater treatment facility. This highlights the infrastructure needs of the country as well as the enormous opportunity it presents to US and Florida-based companies.

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