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Albania - Countering Violent Extremism: Community Approaches

GlobalJax is hosting a delegation of leaders and executives from Albanian NGOs and think tanks to learn about community strategies to counter violent extremism. Delegates will gain insights about promoting cooperation and preventing violence, and providing training and support for youth.

This program focuses on community-based efforts designed to build strong community resistance to violent extremism and promote tolerance. Delegates will meet with local organizations such as JaxPAL to discuss how positive relationships between law enforcement and the community can foster and enrich the lives of youth, and PACE Center for Girls to discuss ways to empower young women and help them avoid the juvenile justice system. The project will also examine the underlying conditions that fuel extremism such as communal conflicts and social differences, and the emerging trends that address them. This program supports the Department of State’s objective to promote U.S. national security by developing coordinated strategies and approaches to counter violent extremism abroad.

Research reveals one in ten Albanians confirm that in their area there are individuals who incite religious extremism, or who support religious violent extremism. Socio-economic, political and cultural drivers of violent extremism remain largely pressing and conducive to extremist ideologies. The country has raised awareness on the risks and forms of violent extremism and have reinforced alertness of religious communities and authorities. Research states that a community-oriented approach will be instrumental in focusing and driving Albania’s fight against violent extremism. This approach will be promoting a partnership-based effort between government institutions, local community stakeholders, and community policing. The aims of the U.S. Department of State in the region are to curtail corruption, strengthen security, and encourage the development of civil society.

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