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Take your classroom around the world with a visit from Emerging World Leaders from other countries. Visits take place during the regular school day in public or private, primary or secondary schools. Visitors who meet with elementary school students generally share country related information but secondary school students are often interested in specific thematic topics. Visitors who have met with high school students have shared everything from information on healthcare management to the use of journalism and film as an agent of social change.

If you are a local educator and would like to arrange for a group of Emerging World Leaders to come to your classroom, please contact

To compete in our increasingly globalized society, it is vital for future generations to have as much international exposure and understanding as early in life as possible. Many of our students have never imagined what life is like outside our community, let alone our country, which makes these firsthand experiences with foreign cultures inside their classrooms an invaluable tool for their education. Through Global Classroom, our International Visitors share their culture and their professional expertise with local students giving them an experience that goes far beyond textbook learning. Our visitors are able to broaden our students' horizons making them more aware of and connected to the world in which we live.

Visiting a local school is also a valuable learning experience for our international visitors who get to see what an American school looks like, learn about how education is managed in the U.S. and even discuss various teaching methods with American teachers.

“I really enjoyed the topic of media literacy this is a new topic for me with new concepts that I will study more” –Vietnam international visitor,US Elections