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Home Hospitality

GlobalJax members have two ways to host international visitors in their homes: Home Hospitality and Global Cooking Nights. "At Home with the World" Home Hospitality meals offer a unique opportunity to learn about our world by personally getting to know Emerging World Leaders in a relaxed atmosphere - your own home. Hosting a delegation in your home simply means providing a meal and a couple hours of your time to enjoy an entirely different culture, while international visitors embrace the chance to see a real American home.

Who can Host Our Visitors

All GlobalJax members are invited to host Home Hospitality regardless of the size of your home, your ability to speak a foreign language or the makeup of your family. We want our visitors to experience the diversity of American family life and that we represent all kinds and economic levels. If you happen to have children, Home Hospitality can be a great opportunity to introduce them to new cultures and people - there is no better way to learn about the world. No matter what, your visitors will enjoy sharing stories about their families, their children, and what their life is like at home.

"If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world, and that his heart is no island cut off from other lands, but a continent that joins to them." - Francis Bacon

How to Host At Home With the World

Check the monthly update for upcoming visitor groups and send an email to to volunteer for the night you are available.
Don't feel overwhelmed by a large group as they are normally split up so each host has just two or three visitors (plus their interpreter if one is needed).
You are welcome to invite whomever you wish who is interested and excited to meet the visitors.
The menu should be whatever your family would normally serve and does not need to be fancy (they're usually eager to try American food anyway - hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, etc.). GlobalJax will inform you ahead of time of any dietary restrictions for the visitors, but outside of this, feel free to make whatever you wish.
Get excited and have fun!

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Host a Global Cooking Night

Global Cooking Nights offer our visitors the chance to share a little bit of their own culture in a way that everyone loves: authentic, delicious food. Our visitors teach our members and friends how to prepare their favorite dishes from home, which always results in full stomachs, good conversation, and memorable moments.

All GlobalJax members with sufficient kitchen space are welcome to host a Global Cooking Night. For more information or to sign up to host our next event, send an email to

“The projects were both interesting and directly relevant to the work that I am engaged in”.—Manaf Alderwish, England,UK, Youth Leadership