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"GlobalJax has been such a great discovery! As a newcomer to Jacksonville, I was eager to meet people who share my interest and passion for learning about other countries and their cultures. Not only have I enjoyed getting to know other GlobalJax members, but also I have benefited from networking with business and community leaders as I escorted visiting delegations to their local meetings. My family has hosted visitors in our home for dinner, too, so my husband and children have gotten to enjoy the same firsthand glimpses into life in Russia, Afghanistan, Denmark, Guatemala, and several western African nations. GlobalJax has really helped me find my place in Jacksonville." - Linda Netherton, Past Board Member

"IVCJax is a great way to meet people who are interested in the international community in Jacksonville. As someone who is interested in foreign languages and culture, this organization is right up my alley." - Lynn Brown, IVCJax Member, Retired French Teacher

National Program

"The group could not stop RAVING about Jacksonville. Those who you had said it was their highlight. Thanks, I look forward to working with you soon." - Meg Poole, National Program Agency Officer, Multi-Regional Project: Film in the U.S.

"The words she [the State Department Program Officer] used to describe the national program included "flawless," "meticulous," "just amazing," and "positive all the way through." The visitors said their perceptions of the US had genuinely changed." - Ann Driscoll, National Program Agency Officer, Turkey, Investigative Journalism, August 2010

"I can say that for many, if not most, all said Jacksonville was their favorite city though yes, packed with great stuff. The warmth of the people totally impressed them. They had wonderful access to top women in the law resources, including judges, and legal personnel." - Ella Butler, State Department Program Officer, Africa Women in the Law, May 2010

Elected Officials

"As a Senator and member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the International Visitor Corps of Jacksonville for encouraging multicultural diversity and harmony between the citizens of the U.S. and other countries." - Bill Nelson, February 2008

Professional Hosts

"What you are doing is so important. We're glad to help any time. It helps our relations around the world." - Brian Kane, U.S. Attorney, Middle District of Florida

"Thank you for inviting us. It was an educational experience for me." - Stella Mouzon, St. Vincent's Mobile Health

"What an awesome experience please include me with any future groups that have an interest in water or wastewater treatment and delivery." - John Mandrick, PE, Utilities Director, City of Fernandina Beach, April 2011

"We met the lovely Haitian visitors - amazing people by the way and we felt so fortunate to have had such an opportunity to learn and share." - Kara Roberts, Staff Attorney, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, April 2011

"Thank you so much for inviting us to meet with the delegation last Friday. We love these opportunities. They enrich and inspire us. We look forward to the next opportunity." - Lynn Mora, Blueprint for Leadership and Community Outreach Director, HandsOn Jacksonville, Inc., August 2010

"You have no idea how thrilled our staff was yesterday to have the opportunity to host your guests for a couple of hours! The young men were so charming, inquisitive, and asked many questions. I was sorry when it was time for them to go and wished we had more time with them. Please keep us in mind the next time an opportunity arises for us to host Jacksonville visitors!" - Lynn Smith, Human Resources Administrator, WJXT Channel 4, The Local Station, August 2010

"Yesterday was a peak experience in my life. Thank you for your efforts for the sake of global peace. All the best to a great future of service to humanity..." - Jared R. Goldman, School Psychologist, Duval County Schools, K-8 East, Foreign Service Nationals, February 2009

"I really enjoy meeting with your visitors and find I learn as much, if not more, from them as they do from me. I appreciate the opportunity to participate and stand ready to assist you in any way possible." - Brian Teeple, Northeast Florida Regional Council, April 2006

Language Officers

"The three day professional program consisted of a large range of meetings, at a minimum interesting, some very good, and most excellent." - Bruno, Interpreter, Romania, Investigative Journalists, March 2010


"The local program was amazing especially getting to know the U.S. system better, and learning from the country's experiences will be very useful to Mexico." - Geomar Montes, Mexico, State and Local Governments in the U.S., March 2010.

"The program was very organized and I enjoyed everything about it". - Luis M Valiente Uriarte , Spain, Law Enforcement: Protection of Minors, October 2009

"I really enjoyed the professional visits, such as those that have allowed me to get a rough idea of American Society". -Javier Garcia Morodo, Spain, Law Enforcement: Protection of Minors program, July 2009

"I really appreciate how you organized the potluck to allow visitors to introduce themselves and have Q & A with other guest." - Brandie Brunner, Morocco, Educational Development for Women, July 2009

"The hospitality was the perfect complement to the visit". - Roberto Fernandez Alonzo, Spain, Law Enforcement Protection of Minors program, July 2009

"I exchanged business cards for future contacts, and the potluck with Tom Collins and friends was the highlight. " There was so much hospitality". - Joseph McKeown, Youth Leadership program, April 2009

"Non-profit organizations and individual interactions helped me to understand American society better. I also loved volunteering at the homeless shelter; it allowed me to observe how to help people and also made me feel useful." - Aslihan Eker, Turkey, U.S. Political, Social and Educational Issues for Young Muslim Leaders Program, March 2009.

"The arrangements were fantastic and there was great networking with activists, judges, and administrators." - Suraiya Tabassum, India, Social and Political Leadership Among Women program, 2008

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know more about American values, morals, spirituality, and culture in the home." - Mrs. Maria Lopez, Nicaragua, Technical Coordinator, Ministry of Family, 2008

"The work of the Chamber of Commerce opened doors for me to understand how to create better commerce relationships with my country regarding the free trade agreement between the U.S. and Nicaragua." - Ms. Nuria Curtis, Executive Assistant, Presidency Secretary for the Caribbean Coast, 2007